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Pinus nigra nigra

This dramatic conifer is iron tough, creating an exciting, pleasing stature of well arranged branches, and luxurious deep green needles.
It is very salt tolerant, with very little tip burn from even the most ferocious sea winds. It will grow quite rapidly at a rate of about 40-50 cm each year, soon (within four years) doubling in height and spread from a 4-5 foot plant. It will grow well on chalky, alkaline soil, and will remain heavily branched to the base in an open, sunny position. Apart from a good application of compost at planting time, and a few successive waterings, this gorgeous tree can then be left alone to stand back and admire. It grows beautifully just 95 metres from Portland's west clifftop (Dorset).

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  1. Grower

    Jeremy Wright

    Hi Paul. Sounds an excellent conifer. Do you have photos? I have recently just bought another fine one, Pinus montezumae, through GreenPlantSwap which has 5 needles in place of the usual 3. This gives the foliage a softer look, which is quite distinctive. The Montezuma pine grows into a large specimen tree, so needs space. I'd bought one 25 years ago for my father, which has become one of his favourites, but struggled to find another in the UK until Graham Oakey listed it on GPS this summer. He has a great selection.

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    • Pinus nigra nigra

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