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Looking for a new tree

I am about to have the opportunity to plant a new tree in my garden due to the imminent removal of a sickly Coral Bark Maple. At one end of the border there is a white stemmed birch and at the other a white berried rowan tree. The birch is currently under planted with some of my special snowdrops, yellow and white crocus, aconites and white hellebores. I am thinking this would a great opportunity to continue the white/yellow/green theme along the entire border. I am looking for suggestions for something that will fit the bill. It needs to be fully hardy and cope with wind.
I have around 15ft to play with have to be mindful of a telephone line that runs directly across the top so something not too tall or that can be kept in check by pruning. I want to plant yellow stemmed Cornus between the trees which I will obviously need to keep in check by pruning each year.
I am currently thinking Amelanchier lamarckii but would love to hear what others would consider if it were their garden. Ideas?

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Flowering cherry are always nice.... one of my Clients has an Amelanchier, it's not very interesting for most of the year but superb in spring, and lovely again in autumn. It's also very well behaved, and has not out-grown its space, so it does sound like the right thing for your border.

    I would definitely go for A. lamarckii in a border - and I'd buy a single-stemmed one and keep it that way (they apparently sucker, although my Client's one does not) (maybe it doesn't dare!) so that you can continue planting below it. I do like a clear stem!

  2. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    Hi Angie

    I think it is great to combine something pretty with something edible – if there is space enough, and it sounds like you have more than enough space for a smallish fruit tree of some sort. There are many varieties that will do well in Scotland, I know of self-fertile apple and plumtrees that are doing well in Norway so they should be more than happy in your garden. A search online would give you a shortlist and then you can see what you can get hold of and what the budget is.
    Planting bare-root is a bit late now though, so best left to next winter, but a container grown tree would be fine. And like Rachel I do like a clear stem on trees, when I bought my Magnolia soulangeana I looked for over 2 years to find a company that sold single stemmed magnolias here in UK. I found one eventually after a long search, and I still think it was worth the search and the extra cost to get a slightly larger tree grown as single stemmed.
    Whatever you decide to get, I look forward to seeing it in your garden :-)

  3. Grower

    Angie's Garden

    Thanks girls :)
    The Amelanchier's behavior is the exact reason it made my short list Rachel and yes, I will go for a single stem. Lots of room underneath for some goodies :)
    Helene, thanks for your suggestions. I will rule out an apple tree immediately - I've tried one before and got rid after 3 years. As for plum my only experience of plum trees are the wasps that accompany harvest time! I do though want a clear stem so I can under plant it with some spring blooming plants. Watch this space. I've got vouchers left from Mother's Day so will seek the advice at my local nursery too.

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