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Can anyone tell me what this is please?!

  • Can anyone tell me what this is please?!

Have had it several years and didn't realise it would flower but very pleased it is about to!

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  1. Grower

    Mark Sturgeon

    It's a Clivia Miniata.

  2. Grower


    Thank you so much Mark :)

  3. Grower

    Mark Sturgeon

    This is one of mine flowering now.

    • Can anyone tell me what this is please?!
  4. Grower


    How lovely! I may have to buy some more..

  5. Grower


    From what I know, Clivias are tropical plants hence need to be treated as houseplants in the UK. I do have an orange Clivia but mine does not seem to be in flower. Is there something I am doing wrong?

  6. Grower


    From what I have read online it seems they need to be kept cool & dry ish in winter time but I am no expert so hopefully someone else will answer!

  7. Grower

    Mark Sturgeon

    Clivias can be placed outside in a north facing position after all risk of frost has passed, they hate direct sunlight.
    Bring inside before frosts in Autumn, keep cool & dryish until January when you should start feeding once a week with Tomato feed. If they do not bloom in Spring they may bloom later in the year.

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