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Does anyone grow Prenanthes purpurea?

I would like to obtain a plant or plants of this attractive herbaceous perennial which is found along forest margins and in woodland glades in sub-alpine areas of Europe. It is not listed in the RHS plant finder.

Many thanks.

Jeffrey Wood

Comments (2)

  1. Grower

    Jeremy Wright

    Hi Jeffrey - I hadn't heard of the plant and was interested to read this description from the Mustila Arboretum in Finland. It apparently grows rather invasively in their 'Rhododendron valley', spreading by seed and underground. They may well send you seed. I gather it's also known as the 'Rattlesnake root'.

  2. Grower

    Jeffrey Wood

    Hi Jeremy,
    Many thanks, I will contact them. The name for the European plant is Purple Lettuce. There are several other species in North America, where it is called Rattlesnake Root. Jeffrey

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