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Planting our tomatoes

  • Planting our tomatoes
  • Planting our tomatoes
  • Planting our tomatoes
  • Planting our tomatoes
  • Planting our tomatoes
  • Planting our tomatoes

Today was the day we got to plant the tomatoes in the tunnel. With Ruby watching on Julian got to grips with the planning and planting. with 12 varieties to choose from it was hard to decide how many of each we should plant. My favourites are Ildi and gardeners delight, while Julian get another new favourite each year. so this year as well as Japanese trifle black, Jersey devil and German red strawberry he has also planted Blue ridge, Speckled roman, along with a few new ones Gold merit and Purple Ukraine. I cant wait to taste them.:-)

Comments (3)

  1. Grower

    Sean Clow

    I have been planting tomatoes too! I'll be very interested to know how you get on with the Japanese Black Trifele. Isn't that the one Raymond Blanc of Le Manoir recommended on TV as having an 'utterly sublime flavour with the richness of fine chocolate'? Sounds amazing!

    I'm growing Marmande and Moneymaker, which are fairly common, Cristal F1 Hybrid which is an RHS AGM, and Sweet Million, which I have heard is very good for children, being prolific and one of the sweetest varieties.

    I'll let you now how I get on.

  2. Grower

    Corseside nursery

    our Trifle black is the strongest flavour of all the varieties we grow Sean we all love it with cheese.....Marmande and money maker are great most prolific is a yellow one called ildi..on the packet it says it grows between 75 and 100 tomatoes per truss...and it does what it says on the packet...its my must plant variety..
    I haven't tried Cristal or sweet million so it would be nice to find out how they grow..

  3. Grower


    Has anybody else grown 'Evergreen', a beefsteak type that stays green but slightly honey coloured on the shoulders when ripe. Very fleshy and good flavour. Seeds originally came from NZ but I have kept my own seeds successfully.

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