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Daffs, to feed or what to feed, that is the question?

Having grown a few more daffs this year in pots mostly, (the garden centre were selling them off cheap last Nov), I wonder is it worth feeding the bulbs now and what with? Have a lot of tulips too which will require the same after care. In the past I have found that the daffs just produce leaves in their following years.

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  1. Grower

    Good Earth Gardens

    I would dead-head them, but not remove the leaves and why not give them a bit of a feed by mulching or a liquid feed, for example, seaweed, while they carry on storing up energy for next year. Make sure they are regularly watered and in a sunny position. I think it's worth changing the compost every year of pots to make sure there aren't vine weevil grubs as well as keeping the nutitrent level high, particularly if they are densly packed for maximum display.

    See Rachel the Gardener's post about lifting tulips, and potting the bulblets on. Eventually tulips do need replacing but they should give a few years if they are treated well!

  2. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    I agree with Good Earth Lady: dead-head as soon as the flower goes brown, so they don't waste energy making seeds, then feed them: many of "my" daffs are in grass, so mulching is not an option, but I give them a liquid feed, one of the seaweed ones for preference. I use a watering can, dilute is as per instructions, and just slosh it about all over their leaves.

    Incidentally, when you dead-head, snap off the stem as low down as you can - there isn't much point leaving a beheaded stem, which goes brown at the tip and looks unsightly.

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