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Achillea problems

Last spring I planted some Achillea Walter Funke and Millefolium terracotta in a new bed with the hope that it would self-seed and spread as far as it wanted. From everything I've read I was under the impression that Achillea was a pretty tough plant that could handle most conditions as long as it wasn't too wet, however none of the six or so that I planted last year seem to have survived the winter. Everything else in the same bed (grasses, Eryngium, Verbena, Sisyrinchium, Fennel, Alliums - generally drought tolerant species as far as I know) seems generally to be thriving, so I'm wondering what has killed these off that didn't apparently cause any problems to other allegedly less hardy plants. Are there pests that could have eaten the new growth, or are they more susceptible to UK winter conditions than most? I'm wondering whether I should I try again with these or put something else in that might thrive more easily? Any tips gratefully received!

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  1. Grower

    Angie's Garden

    I remember reading somewhere that Achillea tend to be short lived perennials. I found this on the RHS website. Worth a read. They appear to confirm this fact.

  2. Grower


    Thanks, that's a very interesting link (and one worth bookmarking for future reference for sure). Most information on how to grow various species that I've read don't mention longevity, or on the whole how easily (if at all) they will self seed, which I'd say are both pretty important factors when working out what to plant and how a naturalised planting scheme might evolve. Perhaps in that case my Achillea behaved entirely to form and only barely qualifies as a perennial - I'd read a number of posts from people saying that it spreads about like a weed but perhaps these cases are few and far between. I'll have to look for a longer-lived alternative!

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