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Help with Bignonia Capensis please?

I have just bought a 5ft tall Bignonia Capensis, if it cannot stay outside all winter (the seller did not indicate that!), can it be grown in a large pot & be brought into the conservatory in winter? Can it be trimmed back to stay under 8ft tall? Thanks for any help.

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi John,

    I'm not familiar with this plant myself, but a quick google suggests "To keep this shrub clean and tidy, it must be pruned back in late winter to promote new growth and flowers". It seems to be known as Tecoma, as well as Bignonia, just to confuse us all!

    If you google it under the name Tecoma, there is more information: having read a random selection, it would appear that young plants need to be protected from frost, which usually means that if you plant it in a sheltered, sunny spot, you may only need to wrap it in horticultural fleece for the winter: but the usual suggestion is to grow these non-fully-hardy plants in pots so that they can be moved indoors over the winter. It sounds as though it is quite easy to take cuttings from it, so if it were mine, I would pop it in a largeish pot and enjoy it this summer, take as many cuttings as I could (which would be kept indoors over the winter, of course) and then bring in indoors in the pot, for winter. Next year I'd probably leave it outside, well wrapped, with the cuttings as insurance: and if it survived, I'd probably then plant it in the ground the following year, on the basis that most plants are easier to look after if they are properly planted.

    Hope this helps!

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