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Tree ID please

  • Tree ID please
  • Tree ID please
  • Tree ID please

Hello, can anyone help me identify this tree? I had it labelled as snake bark maple as a seedling but must have got my labels muddled as I don't think it is an Acer now.

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi Kat,

    No,it doesn't look much like an Acer, does it!! The only Acer with compound leaves is Acer Negundo and it's not that one...

    My first thought was "one of the Hickories", but I need a bit more info, please, in order to make a sensible suggestion, so here are a couple of questions.

    1) are the leaves opposite or alternate? Not the leaflets, the entire compound leaf - if you trace back the central rib of a compound leaf, to where it joins the stem/branch, is it directly opposite another one, or not?

    2) buds: at that point where the central rib joins the branch, is there a visible bud, or is it enclosed by the leaf stalk?


  2. Grower

    Ray Mitchell

    Hi Kat,
    it could be Nandina domestica or sometimes called 'heavenly bamboo', did you grow it from seed as this has red berries and germinates reasonably easy, nice plant any way.

  3. Grower


    Ray, I don't think it is Nandina domestica as the leaves aren't as waxy and thick as would be expected.
    Rachel, the leaves are opposite and the buds are enclosed.
    I'm going to post the photos on arbtalk aswell and see if we can get the mystery solved.

  4. Grower


    Hi Kat.
    Your little tree seedling could be Ailanthus altissima (Tree of Heaven). Has winged seeds in autumn similar to the acers. Hope that helps you.

  5. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Dave, for your info, Ailanthus altissima leaves have 11-18 leaflets, rather more than we have here: they also have that very distinct lobe shape, and are not toothed.

    Kat, opposite leaves and enclosed buds with toothed leaves keys out as Phellodendron, and that doesn't look at all right. I also agree that it's not Nandina - the leaflets are too close together and are the wrong shape to be Nandina.

    So, sorry, I can't help on this one! Do please come back and let us know when you get the answer, though, as I am now intrigued!

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