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  • Mistletoe?
  • Mistletoe?
  • Mistletoe?

Can anyone tell me what is the correct thing to do with Mistletoe. It is taking over our apple trees. Some people have said to leave it and others recommend cutting it out. Help? Who do I believe?

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  1. Grower

    Karen Reina

    Hello, my husband went on a pruning course run by a local cider orchard. They recommended removal of as much of the mistletoe as possible, as if there is too much it will eventually sap the tree from all of its nutrients and the tree will die. This has happened to several of our trees over the last few years so last year we attempted the task! The only way to remove mistletoe from the tree is to cut the tree branch off that the mistletoe is attached to as there is no other way of removing it completely, if you just cut it then it will grow back. It's a bit of a job and we have not removed all of it but we are hoping that it will give our orchard a new lease of life this year! Happy pruning!!

    • Mistletoe?
  2. Grower

    Amanda CW

    Thank you. I'll get the ladder out.

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