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Help in finding a Rosa 'Simba' rose

please can anyone tell me were i can purchase this rose from. My cat called Simba has just passed away and I would like to plant one in my garden. Would be very grateful for any help.

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  1. Grower


    The RHS site shows only one supplier, who do mail order, but when I've checked their list of plants online 'Simba' isn't on it. However it may be worth enquiring directly Sandra:
    tel 01483 284 769

  2. Grower


    NB email for the nursery should have an 'at' symbol between 'info' and 'spring' - I can't put one in the comment for some reason

  3. Grower


    Thank you Linda, i will contact the nursery. very kind of you.

  4. Grower

    Jackie Coleman

    Sandra, noticed it also goes by two other names, you might have better luck searching for them.

    Sorry to read about your cat, my mother planted 'Sweet Dreams' rose when she lost hers.

  5. Grower


    Hi Jackie i have tried going under all 3 names but keep hitting dead ends. i have left details with my local nurseries to see if they can get hold of one. thank you for your help. sorry to here your mum lost her cat. Simba always stayed bt me when i did my gardening.

  6. Grower

    Jackie Coleman

    I searched for a while and didn't come up with anything either. Hopefully someone might be able to help. You must miss your gardening companion.

    Good luck with finding your rose.

  7. Grower


    Thank you Jackie

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