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Thalictrum indentification help needed!

  • Thalictrum indentification help needed!

I have failed to identify this plant. Can anyone help please? My mother grew it to put with sweet peas and always called it 'maidenhair'! I wondered if in the past it was known as 'false maidenhair' as the foliage has a likeness to adiantum?

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  1. Grower

    Ray Mitchell

    Hiya Susie,
    could it be thalictrum flavum or meadow rue, my Grannie used to use it or gypsophila with sweet peas..
    I can't quite make out the flowers but another faint possibility is corydalis ochroleuca.
    Good luck,

  2. Grower

    Susie Edwards

    Thanks Ray,
    I thought Flavum but the flowers are too delicate I think. The images I have found of Meadow Rue show quite substantial fluffy heads. These are very fine and delicate. Definitely not corydalis. It is quite woody, well sturdy stemwise and spreads like billy-o by rhizome! Don't know if this pic is any more clear?

    • Thalictrum indentification help needed!
  3. Grower

    Ray Mitchell

    I was clutching at straws with corydalis but there is a lesser thalictrum flavum glauca, other than that I can't think what it might be, quite a few thalictrums can become invasive. I shall probably have an idea in the middle of the night as it's bugging me, If you find out please let us know. Hope you're not getting the tremendous rain, thunder and lightning we have had and are still getting here in North Suffolk, the delphiniums are completely smashed.

  4. Grower


    I'd agree that it's not a Thalictrum flavum, as you said the flowers are too small and delicate. Looks to me like it could be a Thalictrum minus, aka 'Lesser Meadow Rue'. If all else fails search on google and look at the image results - very useful for identifying subspecies!

  5. Grower

    Susie Edwards

    Thanks guys. I have been searching images on google etc withou success but will follow the trail you have suggested. Bust right now with guests but later in the week..... Been fine here the last two days and pleasently warm, no storms to date! X fingers

  6. Grower

    Norwell Nurseries

    It looks like T. minus to me but it is a variable species, it has such a large geographical range.

  7. Grower

    Susie Edwards

    Thanks so much. Incredibly I was looking in an old wild flower book yesterday and came across an illustration! So a positive identification at last. I love this plant but just wish it wasn't so aggressive! Think I might have to plant it in a bucket like I do with mint and then sink it into the border!,

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