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How to keep cats off new beds

  • How to keep cats off new beds

Use a pack of cheap plastic cutlery!

I recently cleared one of my micro-beds for the climbing beans, and as soon as I cleared it, the local cats started scratching around in it. To keep them off, I simply stabbed a handful of plastic cutlery into the ground around the seeds, and it's worked brilliantly.

Not only do I have an amusing modern art installation (particularly funny for the first couple of weeks, before the seeds sprouted), but if I spot a weed while I am out there, all I have to do is lift out a fork, use it to weed or fluff up the surface, then push it back in to do cat-repelling duty. And in a couple of weeks, when the bed is full enough not to be of interest to the cats, I can pull them out, wash them off, and put them away for use again next year.

Memo to self: don't forget to mark them clearly "garden use only" !

Comments (3)

  1. Grower


    Love it! This year I've had several local cats using newly dug beds as litter trays, and have been wondering what is the best way to deter them, from pellets & sprays to scarecrows to sonic alarms - this is by far the best suggestion I've seen. Digging out a pack of party forks as I type...

  2. Grower

    Jeremy Wright

    Brilliant ... and it could win the Turner Prize. Seriously, rather more to it than recent entries ;-)

  3. Grower

    Winifred Field

    Great idea, the Tate Modern comes to Oxford.

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