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Roses - ground cover

Hello everyone,
I need some advice please.
I have bought some ground covering roses, I have already put weed suppresant down and pebbles, I have planted the roses in the soil, in that order. Will the roses survive in this condition?

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi Liz,

    Presumably after putting down the weed suppressant and the pebbles, you scraped back the pebbles and cut a hole in the membrane in order to plant, then replaced the pebbles?

    If so, then your roses should survive and flourish! They will enjoy not having competition from weeds etc: as long as you treat them like any other new planting, ie water them in well when first planted, and keep them well watered for the first few weeks until they get their roots established, then there should not be any problems.

    Like all roses, ground cover roses need a bit of a feed from time to time: as you can't put mulch around them, you can simply use liquid feed such as Growmore: dilute it in a watering can as per the instructions on the label, then water it over the roses through the pebbles.

    Hope this helps!

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