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Sneezewort leaves disappeared!

  • Sneezewort leaves disappeared!
  • Sneezewort leaves disappeared!
  • Sneezewort leaves disappeared!
  • Sneezewort leaves disappeared!
  • Sneezewort leaves disappeared!

I bought this online from Crocus and the leaves had a slight white tinge as if a fertilizer had been put on them. It was ok for a couple of weeks then gradually the leaves are disapperaing,something must be eating them i guess but cant see any slug/snail trails? Any ideas? many thanks

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    As you say, Suzi, the leaves are a bit whiteish around the edges, which is probably a result of shock: anything bought online has probably been kept in a polytunnel, has possibly been alternately starved/fed, and quite often overwatered then allowed to dry out before shipping (to reduce weight).Plus, after being battered about in the van, it then gets plonked into a completely new environment, so it's not surprising that they can look a little tired!

    However, there's definitely something noshing on those leaves. Holes within the leaf edges are usually slugs/snails (you don't always find a snail trail), caterpillars (but they would be skeletonised if this were the case, plus you would find the caterpillars still lurking, munching) or beetles. Notches in the leaf margins are usually beetle-type munchers... I am hesitating to say (looks over shoulder to ensure no-one is listening) vine weevil, but it might be something like that.

    Mind you, transplanted plants often go through a cycle of shedding all their old leaves and growing a new set, so you might just be seeing the natural dustbin-men working over the fading foliage - are there any signs of new leaves coming out? If there are, it might be worth carefully snipping off all the damaged leaves to stop them attracting the waste disposal brigade (slugs/snails seem to sniff out dead foliage or, as they see it, a running buffet) and to give the new leaves room to expand.

    The general "look" of the plants is a good strong dark green, so I would be quite hopeful of a full recovery.

  2. Grower


    Wow, poor plant.. Sounds like plant abuse to me!
    Vine weevils, oh dear,i just googled them & yes it does look a lot like it could be, though i have not seen any around.I will give it a trim tomorrow (i didn't realise that is what happens,all those bin men !!) Haha. Also i just re looked and there are some tiny new little leaf shoots coming through on a alot of the stem area : )
    Many thanks Rachel

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