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Now is a great time for cuttings

  • Now is a great time for cuttings

Spring (March to May) is a great time to take softwood cuttings from a range of plants. These include fuchsias, pelargoniums and other half-hardy perennial bedding and patio plants and herbaceous perennials. You can either use newly bought plants - so making a lot more plants for your money - or those kept over from last year.
Softwood cuttings, being young growth, have a lot of energy and ability to root - so root pretty quickly with some bottom heat. But being soft, they are susceptible to rotting, so keep a close eye on the humidity around them - particularly pelargoniums and chrysanthemums.
And, of course, if you want to know exactly how to take softwood cuttings - you can get the full details from the Grower Tips pages -

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