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Free 6ft Yew needs new home - Somerset

  • Free 6ft Yew needs new home - Somerset
  • Free 6ft Yew needs new home - Somerset

i have a client who would like to get rid of a 6ft columnar shaped yew tree in her garden, but it will need digging up, which could be a challenge. (in the autumn presumably). anyone interested?!! I have a photo i can text you.

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  1. Grower

    The GPS Team

    Hi Mandy - can you add the photo to your post? Just click the little pen icon top right of your view of the post when logged in (to edit), then the camera icon (to upload the photo from your desktop).

  2. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    I don't have room for this plant myself, sadly, but I can tell anyone who's interested in it that I had to dig up a columnar Irish Yew a few years back, it was about 5' tall and it sadly had to go on the bonfire heap. I was telling my neighbour about it ("You will never believe what I had to dig up and throw away yesterday!") and he asked if he could have it. The next week, I pulled it down off the bonfire heap, took it home and gave it to him to plant in his front garden, and now, six years later, it still looks fantastic! Despite sitting on the bonfire heap for a week!

    As long as you get up a decent sized rootball with it, you won't have any trouble transplanting it: just make sure that when it's replanted, it is strongly staked/supported for the first year, to give the roots a chance to get established, and water it , water it, and water it again.

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