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Bare root 1 yr old Hazel available from November

Anyone interested in 1 yr old Hazel? As shall be lifting from several gardens that I manage in November that I have left to grow on this year. So they will be available for planting from November - bare root naturally. So message me from here. Thank you.

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  1. Grower

    The GPS Team

    Hi Reuben - If you are offering plants for sale, swap or free, it is best to make a plant listing rather than a forum post here.

    This forum is UK wide, but the plant listings are location based and your listing will appear against the plant records where users are looking for that particular plant.

    So people near you, who can more easily collect or have the plant delivered, can contact you.

    You can make a plant listing either through the 'List your plants' button top right of this page or from the relevant plant record ( the green 'Sell/Swap' button top right of the plant record page).

    Hope that's a help.

  2. Grower

    Elaine - Natural Dyer

    I'd be interested. What size are they. And how much? Thanks Elaine

  3. Grower

    Reuben White

    hiya Elaine..sizes vary as like i said they are self setter growing in main borders at one of the garden i manage and they are to be lifter this November as so they can find a new i shall contact you when i have lifted them..where are you located..i am based in this far for number is 07775805861 I also have some verbena rigida bare root ..., as for cost they are free to a good home..

  4. Grower

    Elaine - Natural Dyer

    Sorry. Just reread your post and saw they are a year old, which sounds ideal. I have a windswept field and desperately need shelter and windbreak for sheep. But only have a smallish car and little money so can't collect anything big. Was intending to plant nuts last year, but was busy looking after brother with terminal cancer and the year just seemed to disappear. I'm 60 miles from you but go to Frome twice a week which is over half way to you! Will keep in touch by text if that's easier. Elaine

  5. Grower

    The GPS Team

    Elaine - we suggest you direct message Reuben through the site - just click the 'Message member' button top right of this page.

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