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Does anyone else keep Bromeliads?

I have a good collection of Bromeliads, mostly Neoregelia hybrids, and would love to know and swap plants with anyone else collecting these stunning plants.

Comments (4)

  1. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    I only have fascicularia, a large bicolor in a pot and several microphyllas is a rare one growing on volcanos in in the southern Chilean Andes, seems quite hardy, as prickly as puyas, they are more succulent, and in spite of their name are very pretty in flower which occurs during winter, earlier then bicolor, so is best under glass really.

  2. Grower

    Paul Grantham

    Do you have any pictures of them? Do they pup like most broms once flowered or do they produce grass like offsets, also are they only likely to flower in hotter countries?

  3. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    I have Fascicularia bicolour, given to me by a friend. I like them because they are fully hardy, and absolutely bomb-proof: I've found them useful for edging a path-side bed, which keeps stray dogs off the bed: they're not exactly spiky, but not exactly comfortable to hold, either.

    This one certainly does "pup" like a mad thing, I split up the original plant into at least a dozen, all of which have grown on like anything, and several of which are pupping in turn.

    I'm just waiting for either a sufficiently hot summer to make them really "red up"!

  4. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    The micranthas pup freely, it is semi succulent so nothing grass like about it. Mine has pretty vicious spines and are more like Hechtias Or Dyckias to look at, but when they flower, they are typically fascicularia. This occurs in the depths of winter when little else stirs, they are southern Chilean Andean natives and can easily be regarded as sub-Antarcic flora, which they are, really. They do not like hot baking temperatures, though very drought tolerant and flower quietly in December and January where they are happiest in an Unheated greenhouse
    They hate our wet Welsh winters, who can blame them, and will soon rot unprotected so treat as alpines.

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