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What is the best method of killing Vine Weevil larvae?

I have them in two large pots. Tried Provado Vine Weevil Killer (a soil drench) with no success.

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  1. Grower

    Helene U Taylor

    I have used vine weevil nematodes the last 2 years, once in the spring and once in the autumn. It is a bit expensive but it gives you peace of mind at least for the devastating effect the larvae can have. You can still get beetles coming over the fence from your neighbours’ untreated gardens and munch your plants – as I frequently get, but any offspring will get killed next time I treat the garden. I haven’t seen any larvae since I started this regime and whatever the beetles do of damage, it doesn’t matter so much, it is just leaf damage, it is what the larvae does that can kill the plants. I buy the nematodes on Amazon:
    I dilute it a bit more than the instruction says, and use more of it on each plant, that makes it easier to apply when you have many pots and containers. It is almost impossible to follow the instructions if you have lots of pots, so I contacted the company to get some advice.

    Here is a post from my blog that I wrote a year ago about how to use the nematodes and exactly how to dilute the solution:

    Good luck!

  2. Grower

    Sue Combebn

    Thank you so much Helene. After having bought the Provado I didn't want to expend any more money on nematodes. I have now emptied the pots and put in new soil. I have never evidenced Vine Weevil larvae before this but in future will take the nematode route.

  3. Grower

    Geoff Hodge

    Sue, you could also use a 2.5cm/1in thick mulch of sharp grit on the top of the compost. This will prevent the adults laying the eggs in the first place - they don't like pushing their ovipositor (egg-laying device) through the grit.

  4. Grower

    Sue Combebn

    Thank you Geoff. That sounds like a great idea. Relatively inexpensive too.

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