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Salvia 'Hot lips' pruning

Would it be okay to cut back some of my Salvia 'Hot lips' now as it's towering over many other plants and becoming quite straggly?

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  1. Grower


    Yes, but make sure some leaves left (not into old wood). Use off-cuts for cuttings. Leave as much protection for base as possible - next wintwr moght mot be as mild.

  2. Grower


    Hi Alison

    Thanks for your reply. You've just confirmed what I know I need to do but felt uncomfortable pruning a perfectly flourishing plant, although it is taking over. I have in the past taken cuttings successfully to share with my neighbours who all love it. My poor sedums might now get to see the light!


  3. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    Just take a few cuttings now, they should root readily and still have time to establish. They aren't always the hardiest of plants.

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