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Plant identification please

  • Plant identification please

Could someone have a go at identifying this please? It's a perennial, and tough as old boots - growing in a rocky, mostly shaded and pretty dry position. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Grower

    Susie Edwards

    I think it is centranthus ruber...valerian family commonly known as red valerian but flowers can be red, pink or white

  2. Grower


    Hi have you had this long? Does it ever have berries on it?

  3. Grower


    Susie yes comparing to a google image search it does look very much like a Centranthus ruber, although the leaves don't look quite the same as those in many images (compare with this photo for example - there don't appear to be any pairs of sessile leaves on my plant), but the flowers are very similar so it could well be related perhaps?

    Mark - it's been in the garden for as long as we've lived here but that's only 3 years, and as far as I recall it doesn't ever have berries. It has pale pink flowers.

    • Plant identification please
  4. Grower


    That's a better picture, the other close up I was thinking it looked a bit like a skimmia, that's why I asked about the berries. I think Susie is spot on with it being a valerian.

  5. Grower


    The second picture is indeed a valerian, but is not of my plant! I added it to my reply to show that the leaves on my plant are not quite the same as those on the Valerian. Sorry for the confusion!

  6. Grower

    Faith Ramsay

    The first picture is not a centranthus - it looks more shrub like than perennial - does it die down in the winter?

  7. Grower


    Agree the photo does make it look like a shrub. It is actually quite like a Centranthus in many ways - similar stems and flowers, but with different foliage. As far as I recall it dies back to basal leaves and the stems go straw-like and can be pulled out easily. I've noticed a lot of it growing locally out of walls and rocky spots so it seems to like the same conditions too.

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