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Bracken compost

Does anyone know where I could buy acidic bracken compost?

It seems bonkers that I can walk into any garden centre and pick up chopped up Bulgarian peat bog, while the hills here in Wales are covered in bracken, yet I can't find any local suppliers!

So far, I have found a source in the Lake District and in the New Forest - which of course adds considerable delivery costs and doesn't seem very environmentally friendly... :-(

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  1. Grower


    Camlan Garden Centre, Dinas Mawddwy, Machynlleth SY20 9LN
    They stock Dalefoot Wool & Bracken compost.

    Hop this helps

  2. Grower


    Many thanks for the tip, Mark! Diolch! That will be great to pick up a bag or two when I am next in the area. Dalefoot is lovely stuff, though made in the Lake District as far as I know.
    I need several tonnes of bracken compost, so I was hoping a shrewd local hill farmer would have seized the opportunity to turn a nuisance weed into a gardening commodity. There used to be a project in the Gower doing just this, which sadly seems no longer active.

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