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I am thinking about growing these plants from seeds. Any advice? I am sure I read somewhere to put the seeds in the fridge for 6 weeks?

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  1. Grower

    Good Earth Gardens

    I had a look online and it seems that the seeds need light to germinate (don't cover them up with soil) and heat of at least 70F. Nicking or scraping the seeds and soaking them also helps. So apart from using the fridge to store them until you are ready to germinate them, there's no need to keep them there for 6 weeks. I've never grown them myself but the flowers are beautiful.

  2. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    I grew these years ago, they seemed easy enough. Yes, they do require heat,though mine germinated on the top shelf in a greenhouse probably a bit late in the season, they need to be started about Jan. or Feb. I would sprinkle the seed with vermiculite so some light is let in to them. They are related to tomatoes, and that is what the emerging seedlings resemble, and are also mainly South American, so fairly similar to grow. D stamonium is the thorn apple a naturalised escape from Mexico an annual with the same trumpet flowers but smaller and very easy to grow. They have mainly been transferred to the genus Brugmasia these days for some reason, but a slight word of caution, unlike tomatoes, they are all highly toxic, but you don't plan to eat them, do you? They are worth the effort, the are so striking.

  3. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    Sorry, Brugmansia, not. Brugmasia, give or take an n or 2

  4. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    I grew some from seed a couple of years ago: Brugmansia suaveolens by name, and all they needed was a soaking in warm water for 2 hours before planting, on the top of the compost: as GoodEarthLady says, they need light to germinate.

    I still have three of them: I've nurtured one to be a 4' tall standard, and I live in hope that one year I will remember to water it, so that it stands a chance of flowering! David, if you don't have any luck with your seeds germinating, I'll gladly sell you one of my smaller ones!!

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