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Bee orchids growing in my lawn

  • Bee orchids growing in my lawn

Hi all just wondering if any one in the Suffolk area has these two. Where they came from I have no idea but they are really lovely little things. I have now got two more popped up in the front garden.

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  1. Grower


    I know there are some of these in north Ipswich garden lawns (along the bypass) but I'm very jealous you have them! What sort of conditions do you have?

  2. Grower


    I have heavy clay soil in the areas that they grow on and they get some afternoon shade.

  3. Grower


    I see them in my garden too and I also have heavy clay. Mine are in full sun though.

  4. Grower


    Oh how wonderful, I have heavy clay soil too, but sadly no orchids, enjoy them :)

  5. Grower


    I heard once that a dry summer will allow plants to flower because people don't mow their lawns and that the seed will probably take 8 years to produce another flowering plant!

  6. Grower


    Sadly I dont have any yet but a neighbour started with about3 and now has over 30. The council helpfully mowed off the ones in the nearby verge. I now wish I had committed an offence under the wildliffe and countryside act and stolen them.

  7. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    One of my gardens (I'm in South Oxfordshire) suddenly acquired a solitary Bee Orchid a couple of years ago, and a couple appeared the following year. I kept some of the seed, left some in situ, and kept my fingers crossed for more of them! Alas, none this year.

    They are hard to germinate from seed, and if they do germinate, the plant can take 5-8 years to flower, so it's no wonder they are declining...

    Round here we are mostly on clay, tailing off into chalk as you rise up the foothills of the Ridgeway: I have no idea where the first Bee Orchid came from, but I am certainly hoping that some more will pop up in time.

    The same garden also suddenly sprouted Helleborines at around the same time: the owner said that when they moved in, 30 years earlier, there were a lot of Helleborines but they just disappeared. And now they're back!

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