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Hardy exotic

Whilst most Helianthus are indeed grown for their large yellow flowers, this one is grown for its amazing leaves. These grow the length of the wandering 2 - 2.5m stems cascading out like a green feather boa. Very tactile and unusual. Spreads gently in light soils. Looks very impressive grown and staked as a screen. The yellow flowers in mid-late autumn are a bonus ... or not, depending on your point of view.

Comments (3)

  1. Grower

    Jeremy Wright

    Sounds a great plant. Do you have any photos Steve? We'd love one for the Plant Finder.

  2. Grower


    Hi Jeremy.. I'll have to look back through a lot of photographs to see if I have. Will post if I can find one.

  3. Grower

    Jeremy Wright

    Thanks Steve. If you have a digital version, you can just upload it here by clicking the camera icon in the Comment box. Or by clicking the little pen icon top right of your post (above) and clicking the camera icon there. That will add it to the post.

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