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Cornus propagation

Hi all. I have a lovely bright scarlet Cornus growing in the garden is there a time for propagating now or do I wait until spring?

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi Amanda,

    Cornus are traditionally propagated in mid to late summer (hardwood cuttings) but at the same time, they are usually coppiced (cut right down to ankle height) in March/April time, after we have had the benefit of the colourful winter stems, and before they start making new growth.

    So it makes sense to use those off-cuts for propagation.

    I have taken cuttings of dogwood at virtually all times of year (I can't bear to waste good plant material!) and they usually grow.

    In your case, as the stems are lovely now, I would enjoy looking at them for another month or two, then when they start to produce new leaves, get out there with the secateurs, cut them back, and use the cuttings for propagation.

    There's a ton of info on how to do it on the Propagation pages, so a quick read there should be all you need to go ahead with confidence!

  2. Grower


    Great thank you Rachel.
    I will enjoy it and then try to propagate a few. i will have a look at the propagation pages too.

  3. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    You are most welcome, Amanda (waves happily) - and, in case anyone else reading this post didn't know it, there are pages and pages of really good gardening advice right here, on GreenPlantSwap! Just click on the Grower Tips tab up above, then click on the Propagation Guides tab.

  4. Grower

    Nick Maclaren

    I am terrible at cuttings, but it layers well - and you don't have to remove any stems to do that. I just bend a stem under the ground, place half a brick on it, and forget it for a year or so. Once it is well-rooted, I just cut it off and dig it up. This is the really lazy gardener's way of propagation ....

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