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Plant obsessions

Ok how many of you will admit to being a bit of a plant hoarder? If so what has been your most must have, even though you know there is no more room to put it, as everywhere is already stuffed full of must have its.

I admit to being one.

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  1. Grower


    Hi Amanda - I have planted more than 800 Rhododendrons in my garden. Totally hooked by them. As you can imagine, it's fabulous in April/May.

  2. Grower

    Winifred Field

    A sucker for salvias, and can be talked into anything new and lovely at the time of seeing it! Husband encourages me though, with "you'll find somewhere for it". But as I get older I am trying to think of how I'll manage the garden in the coming years, so try to restrain myself. But we all lose a plant now and again, this winter may make lots of room, so there are worse habits to have!

  3. Grower

    Angie's Garden

    Snowdrops are my thing I do try to be sensible re cost though. The good thing about snowdrops is that you can always find room!

  4. Grower


    I love Snowdrops too i have just made some more room under a large conker tree it took me ages to get rid of a spreading hypericum (i think its called that)
    I have hardy cyclamen coum there now they are in flower and, they look so delicate have a few snowdrops from a few years ago there and, winter aconites have been there for a few years too. all swamped by the hypericum before.
    My obssesion is Hellebore x orientalis hybrids i must ave a few hundred in the garden and growing on in pots my other half keeps telling me off for putting pots every where

  5. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    There is no other way for me, the garden is big and packed, and still I hard plants. That's ok as they seem happy, some have rooted in the ground still in the pots. Unbelievable how many stay healthy, I also am not successful with some things, but when the seeds come in, I'm always happier, nothing like trying something new for me.
    I have lots of hellebore orientalist hybs., not too far off from me is Farmyard nurseries who's owner, Richard Bramley is an obsessive breeder of these plants and he does it very well, with breathtaking displays in his poly tunnels this time of year. I know him well and he's forever trying to get those flowers to gaze upwards, an amazing breeding program.
    Along with some of these, I also still have some Kay's hybrids from an old family nursary in Silverdale, Lancashire these were bred with equal zeal and obsession but the family changed direction and the nursary no longer exists. So these two strains just grow in our garden and cross with one another making spectacular displays and I suppose no one else has this combination growing for them, the result is very pleasing

  6. Grower


    Hello there, I would not call myself a hoarder a collector maybe, or more a plantaholic! in my youth I collected Hardy Geraniums, didn't everyone? then Violas, Sempervivums, pelargoniums......and so it is just plants in general, have a passion for New Zealand plants,and grasses,Salvia, roses, clematis, camellia, cornus, alpines, dahlia oh yes the list is endless, the garden has to look good all year, so lots of evergreen shrubs, and perennials and anything unusual that takes my eye, we are both getting on a tad now, and we should really be making our garden low maintenance, ha ha...unfortunately there is no cure, but each year I promise myself I will not buy any more!! and if you believe that!!

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