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Sweet winter garden

The other week I noticed the sweetest smell in the garden. I was in the workshop at the time and followed the scent up the path straight to my Daphne 'Mrs Poskil' in full bloom, it bloomed later this year, after the New Year as opposed to starting in December last year, but never had as stronger scent as it does now. Even on cold, frosty mornings it is very noticeable. Meanwhile in the front, a large Edgeworthia is just starting a month or two earlier then normal. Beneath it, I noticed some large-flowered Kayes hybrids Hellebores in pure white, also sweetly scented, nice to see, and smell things happening in the garden this time of year.

Comments (2)

  1. Grower

    The GPS Team

    Nice post Rob. As it happens we've just added an Edgeworthia chrysantha photo to the Plant Finder, so have added it to your post too!

    • Sweet winter garden
  2. Grower

    Rob Johnson, Green & Furry pet and garden care

    Thanks, photo appreciated, mine not quite that far on yet,,but it's well on its way

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