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Why is houseplant compost so expensive and what's so special about it?

I've numerous large houseplants to repot and finally 'freshen' their very old compost they've been sitting in for years, although they still flourish! The houseplant compost I bought last year from Homebase is very poor quality more like seed compost. Can I use multipurpose with added John Innes 3?

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  1. Grower

    Jeremy Wright

    Hi Jane - my personal view is that there is nothing very special about 'houseplant' compost. It's more a case that manufacturers will charge more per litre for small bags and they'd like you to think that you 'need' special houseplant compost in the small bags! Multi-purpose compost is fine ... and go for the bigger bags, which are always better value. Peat-free preferably as 90%+ of peat habitats have been destroyed by abstraction.

  2. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi Jane, oddly enough I have just answered this exact question on my blog - if you'd like to skip over to my blog, you can read all about it!

  3. Grower


    Hi Rachel
    Once again thank you so much for your response. Having read your blog you've given me the 'green light ' to .use my recently bought new compost from Wyevales(Which approved)

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