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Getting my indoor jungle started in London!

Hey fellow plant enthusiasts! I've recently moved to London and unfortunately am not fortunate enough to have a garden, so am working on an indoor jungle instead!

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendatations for finding interesting indoor plants or cuttings when you're on a major budget in London?

Thanks for your time!


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  1. Grower

    The GPS Team

    Hi Rich - House of Plants have some really nice pages showing plants for the home, including plants for dark spots and plants for bright spots:

    If, given your budget, the price of the plants are too high, you could then look online for people selling seeds of the plants you like. Best of luck.

  2. Grower

    Julian Bishop

    Tesco sell baby indoor plants but often reduce them because they can't be bothered to look after them...

  3. Grower


    Hi Rich, I have only just joined greenplantswap and was browsing through the site when your 'indoor jungle' post caught my eye, One of my interests is growing tropical herbs which can be used for cooking. I have had great success with growing persicaria odorata (Vietnamese coriander) under glass in sunny Aberdeenshire so it should grow well in London! It can be grown as a perennial or as a summer potted annual, can take sun or part shade, needs constantly moist soil and likes a humid atmosphere. I am experimenting with sending rooted cuttings by post to see if I can recover some of my growers costs from selling cuttings. Let me know if you'd like some.

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