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Petunias - should I pinch out the growing tips?

I planted trailing Petunias earlier in the year in my greenhouse and they have grown fine, the trouble is to fine and of course it is too early to plant out yet. I am sure I read or heard that is alright to pinch the growing tips out. True or false? They are looking very well and I don't want damage them.

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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Hi David, many people pinch out petunias as they grow, as a matter of course, to make them bushier and - hopefully! - so that they bear more flowers.

    You can do it with finger and thumbnail: or, if you are not sure, use a small pair of scissors to get a neat cut. Nip off just the top half inch or so of each shoot.

    If you are nervous about doing it, do just half of them, make a note (or take photos, or both!) of when you did it, then later in the year you can assess how they grew, and decide if the pinching out was good for them, or not. Then, when it happens again next year, you can read your notes and make a really informed decision!

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