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Plant identification

  • Plant identification
  • Plant identification


Could anyone identify this plant please? Apparently it has pretty flowers. it was given as a gift, with no further information.

so lovely to be back in the garden, hope you are enjoying yours.


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  1. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    I'm really disappointed that no-one has jumped in with a suggestion, because I don't have a clue! My first thought was "it's an umbellifer, you've been given a weed!" and my second was "some kind of geranium?"

    Shelley, you might have to wait until it flowers, then ask again!

  2. Grower


    I wondered if it was a kind of geranium , as the the flower buds look similiar. Oooooh , the excitement , I will wait for the flowers....and will keep investigating.
    Watch this space . I will let you know.

  3. Grower


    Oh you think it might be .....Geranium Robertianum ? (Herb Robert or Stinky Bob). If so , you were right Rachel, I have been given a weed!

    It is still in its pot and I will await the flowers for further confirmation

  4. Grower

    Rachel the Gardener

    Don't panic, Shelley, it's not Herb Robert: the leaves are a different shape, matte, pale green, and much "flatter" on Herb Robert. If you type the name into google then click on "images" you will see how different they look. Also, Herb Robert main stems are usually a deep red, and rather furry!

  5. Grower


    Hi Rachel

    After much research , I think it is Geranium palmatum . Great article from

  6. Grower

    Reg Wickings Garden Design try this phone app it is free unless you want them to identify anything other than a flower. This one deals with trees byidentifying the leaves.

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