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Free Bamboo plants - Prenton, Wirral

Hi guys I've got lots of free Bamboo plants that need to go. It's the fountain bush variety. You would need to dig it out as I've got a disability. I'm based in Prenton Wirral. I bought them a few years back at £45 each. I'd say you easily have between 10-15 plants. Message me or call if interested. I'm Brendan. My number is 07815 626363.

Comments (5)

  1. Grower

    Sally Reader

    Hi Brendon ....would be interested in your bamboo plants .
    I am in Willaston .....would you pass this way at any time....unfortunately I don't drive..Sally

  2. Grower


    Hi sally I have a disability so can't dig of lift anymore so wouldn't be able sorry

  3. Grower


    Do you still have them?

  4. Grower


    There are a few bits left if interested

  5. Grower


    Would you like a money tree, aloe vera or san marzano dwarf as an exchange?

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