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Selling my shrubs

  • Selling my shrubs
  • Selling my shrubs
  • Selling my shrubs
  • Selling my shrubs
  • Selling my shrubs

We are about to rent out our property and have many established shrubs in pots (see pictures) can anyone advise the best way to sell them on and how to price. Many Thanks.. Gill

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  1. Grower

    The GPS Team

    Hi Gill

    They are lovely looking specimens! You have done just the right thing showing them with your post. There are two things to do now (in this order):

    1. Create a Grower page. This post will then appear on your page, showing people locally what you have to offer

    2. List the plants. To do this, find each one in the Plant Finder then click the green 'Swap/sell this plant' button top right of the plant record and put in the Litre pot size and price you want to charge on the plant list form and click 'Publish'.

    The plant listings with the size and prices will then appear in the Plant Finder, in the right hand column next to this post and on your Grower page. So you will reach people locally and nationally in each area of the site and in Google (the listings will be indexed there too after a week or so.)

    As far as pricing is concerned, as with anything, if you want them to move fast then price low. Or you can put a price and say in the text box on the form 'or nearest offer'.

    Hope that's a help.

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