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Looking for different tree cuttings, happy to swap...


I am looking for a few different types of adult fruiting tree cuttings that have produced fruit before please.
I am happy to swap with cuttings from some of my trees/plants and can offer a full list of plants I have upon request.

i am also happy to send you a stamped addressed envelope to post them to me if you like.

The cuttings I am looking for are the following:-

4 cuttings of any OR all of the below please

1- Lemon
2- Orange/Satsumas
3- Lime
4- Nectarine
5- Quince/Gage
6- Avocado
7- Olive

I have the rootstock to hand as I am trying to show my niece how to graft fruit/citrus trees, I've done a couple of apple tree and pear tree cuttings with her which seem successful but some didn't really take so now I am trying the above which are some of her favourite fruits.

I am happy to send a list of all the plants I have and will happily swap for cuttings from my own plants.

Thank you

Bee :)

Comments (2)

  1. Grower


    Hi bee, are you in the London area?

  2. Grower


    No sorry I am miles away from London

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