We support Thrive, the brilliant garden therapy charity. Please take a
few minutes to learn more.

" - Jeremy Wright, founder, GreenPlantSwap
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Why Thrive?

As every gardener knows, a few hours gardening and you feel better. You feel calmer. You feel healthier for being outdoors and getting exercise. You’ve had the pleasure of working with plants and the sense of achievement in getting a garden job done. You’ll probably sleep better tonight.

This is the power of gardening, and Thrive work with it to help those that can benefit most. People living with disabilities or ill health, or who are isolated, disadvantaged or vulnerable. They bring some much needed well being and contentment into their lives.

Thrive started ‘Social and Therapeutic Horticulture’ as it’s called nearly 40 years ago. They are a world leader in the development and delivery of the discipline. They train therapists in other organisations, so its influence can spread.

Thrive’s work is super positive for the people it touches and the conditions it improves. Please help us to help Thrive grow. No doubt you’ll enjoy this as much as the people you help, because gardening is like that.

Registered charity number 277570.

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