Open your garden for Thrive and your pleasure in gardening is magically transferred to the people it can most help.

" - Mark Lane, BBC presenter (Gardeners' World) & landscape designer
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Open your garden for Thrive

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A great way to support Thrive is by opening your garden. On GreenPlantSwap we've made creating an event for Thrive simple, quick and highly effective. It's all free.

Our belief is that the more we help you, the more you'll help Thrive, so everybody wins.

This is what you do:

Create an event

  1. Choose a weekend when your garden is likely to look its best. Get some photos and a brief description of what's interesting about your garden.

  2. Create your event post on our Posts & Events page. You'll see it's a simple self-serve form that collects all the essential info and assembles it neatly into the published post.

  3. Now tell all your friends about the event - you can send links via Facebook, Twitter, email etc. from the published post.

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Then this is what we do:

Local marketing pack

Next to your published post there's a button to request a local marketing pack. Click it, enter your address and we'll send you the following:

  1. Tickets/leaflets (1/3rd A4)
    Your post has automatically created a 1/3rd A4 leaflet which we get professionally printed. Our research shows that selling tickets ahead of the event is a really good way to attract more visitors and raise more money.

  2. Posters (A3)
    Your post has also created a poster to promote your event at local shops and venues where you sell those tickets.

  3. Road signs (90cm wide)
    These are large signs to put up on the day and bring in passing traffic.

  4. House signs (50cm wide)
    These are for your front garden(s). They work particularly well in town or village events with multiple open gardens.

  5. Local email alert & PR
    In the week of your event we'll send an email alert to all GreenPlantSwap members in your local area. Plus we'll include your event in any PR we do with Thrive about open gardens.

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Can you help Thrive? Yes, create my event

Any questions call us on 0117 3182775 or message the GPS Team.

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