We’re delighted to be working with GreenPlantSwap who share our passion for the positive change gardening can make.

" - Kathryn Rossiter, CEO, Thrive
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Working together

Last year GreenPlantSwap launched a new, free events feature on the site. In the space of a few months, members posted more than 200 events supporting a wide range of charities and good causes. We were delighted and very much hope these numbers will grow this year and in the years to come.

At the same time we started discussions with Thrive, whose charity gets to the very heart of what gardening is about and who it can benefit most.

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We were impressed and saw how GreenPlantSwap could do a lot to help the charity, building awareness of their work, promoting their training courses, recruiting volunteers and creating free tools and materials for members who wish to support Thrive through open gardens and plant sales.

For their part, Thrive saw how this fitted with their charitable objectives. With our gardener focused platform, content and large user base, we could help Thrive grow. But they also saw that GreenPlantSwap, a completely free service, needs to be self-sustaining.

GreenPlantSwap is not a small or simple site. It has 40,000+ pages, 21,000 plant records, grower pages, posts & events, customer support, hosting ... Building and maintaining the service is a huge and expensive task.

So it was agreed that Thrive would pay a fee equivalent to 25% of all donations received through activity on this site to GreenPlantSwap to help secure its future supporting Thrive and the good gardening can do.

If GreenPlantSwap is to grow, it needs to remain a free service. We hope you agree this partnership is a positive step, not just for GreenPlantSwap, Thrive and the people we help, but for everyone who uses this site.

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