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Confusing common names

Since early humans first developed speech, plants have been given names. They are often based on how they look or taste, where they grow or what they do. They are frequently simple, descriptive words that are easy to remember. However, therein lies the problem. The same common names are often used for multiple plants quite different from each other. They also vary by region, by country and by language. They cause confusion.

Try putting the words Daisy, Sage or Poppy in the GreenPlantSwap Plant Finder and you'll see what we mean.

In our Plant Finder 9,000+ common names are referenced across the 21,000+ plant records. If all languages were included, there would be many, many times that number. Common names seldom effectively differentiate individual plants. Thank goodness for Carl Linnaeus and his botanical naming system!

To help GreenPlantSwap users with some of the most widely used confusing common names, we have created the following 'What is...' guides. We hope you enjoy these and give the time to the bit of botany used to make things clear.

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