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Getting started on GreenPlantSwap

Getting started on GreenPlantSwap | Copyright GreenPlantSwap Ltd

GreenPlantSwap is purpose built to help you get more from your garden.

Once you sign up or log in, a good place to start is to buy some plants and find out how others use the service.

It's then a simple step to create your Grower page for selling and swapping plants of your own. In Local to Me you'll find your unpublished page with 'easy start' tips on how to fill the sections.

Or you could get going by identifying and listing the plants in your garden. This 'In my garden' list will give you quick access at any time to your plants' growing information in our Plant Finder.

If you choose, the list is also a simple way to build out your Grower page, letting other gardeners know what you may be able to swap or provide a cutting from.

Or, if you're not ready for that, you could join the conversation in Posts & Events or find a garden or plant event near you.

You'll be more than welcome!

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