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I started the garden last year, so it is still quite a young garden with lots of work still to do. I am trying to grow most of my plants from seed this year, so I will no doubt have plenty of extras that I will list over the summer. I have a sunny front garden with a mixture of alpine and rockery plants and a shady (semi-shade in summer) back garden with woodland plants. Also a small vegetable patch and patio pots containing mediterranean herbs.

Swap interests

I am interested in finding a Rhus tree, so would be grateful for any unwanted suckers / offshoots; grasses in particular pheasant's tail grass and stipa spp.; ajuga reptans (blue flower); pulmonaria (with blue flowers not pink); young apple trees; vegetables; annual cut flowers; hellebores; ferns and herbs. Also looking for plants with bright orange flowers suitable for sunny positions. I am quite open to other swaps, so please contact me for suggestions!

I also have a number of unidentified small cactuses and succulents (house plants) that I no longer want or can easily propogate - free if collected!

Do check out my Plants for swap and In my garden plant listings.

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