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Glossary of plant terms

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Means "four angled" in Latin.


This is a small square area of vegetation marked out to count and assess the diversity of plants during an ecological study.


A name for a "swampy" area.


The term for a pest repellent made from the wood of the tropical tree Picrasma excelsa. Wood chips are boiled in water and the liquid is then sprayed on vegetation.


A term for a leaf with 4 leaflets or a flower with 4 petals.


A term for a dense hedge or thicket.


A name given to an arboretum devoted to oak trees.


Means "oak leaf-like" in Latin.


Sometimes called lump lime, it is calcium oxide which when mixed with water may be applied to increase the pH reading of soils. Care needs to be taken with quicklime since it is caustic, and hence lime is easier to use.


Refers to leaves or petals which are more or less tubular in form.


Means "with 5 divisions" in Latin.

Quince leaf blight

Irregular dark red, (later turning black) small spots appear on foliage. Leaves turn yellow-brown and fall prematurely.

Quince powdery mildew

Powdery white deposits on both leaf surfaces.


An organic fungicide that is often used for soil-borne fungal diseases such as damping off and some root rots.

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