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Be bold - reach out!

GreenPlantSwap is all about connecting with other gardeners. The value lies in engaging with and meeting other gardeners, buying plants and doing swaps.

Members do this by messaging each other through GreenPlantSwap. You can contact any member from their Grower page (when logged in).

Obviously, if you publish your own Grower page other members can also contact you.

For best results, make a Grower page, describe your garden and interests, list some plants for swap or sale, then message other gardeners. This way they can also look at your profile and what you have to offer.

In our experience, the people who get most from GreenPlantSwap are those who reach out to others. Here are a few examples:

Liz tells how swapping really works

Helen's experience in swapping short and long distance

Darren's views on plant swapping

We think you'll be amazed how welcoming and helpful most other members are. Gardeners share a common interest and, in our experience, tend to be very friendly!

So how should I make contact?

Here are a few simple suggestions:

  1. You can comment on their Grower page and invite them to view yours (that's a good reason for making one!).

  2. If you want to buy a plant they're selling or swapping, you can click on the listing to make a request (the plant details will be automatically attached to your message).

  3. Or you can message direct from their Grower page, explaining your interest in your own words.

  4. You can suggest a Lucky Dip Swap: you invite them to visit your garden first and select any plants you can spare; then you visit theirs for the same. Settle any difference, if necessary, with cash.

  5. Or simpler still, find a gardener with a similar interest and just say 'Hello'. It's perfectly fine to chat about a shared gardening interest without buying or swapping plants. You can decide later whether you'd like to meet up or arrange an exchange.

  6. Or simplest of all, just say 'Hi' to the gardeners nearest you and see who responds. You could so easily make a new local friend.

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