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List the plants in your garden

A great first step is to create a list of the plants in your garden. This is not to swap or sell your plants, but to make a record of the plants you have, so you remember what they are and can check what they need.

It's then a good habit to make a listing whenever you buy a new plant ... and before you lose the plant label! The listings are linked to all the growing information in our Plant Finder for reference at any time.

You can also add your own notes and photos to each one in Plant Listings.

Identifying and listing plants

You can make plant listings in the Plant Finder by searching for the botanical or common name. Once you find the plant, just tick the 'Garden' box in the black banner at the top of the plant record.

That's it, your listing will be made.

You can view these listings by clicking the Plant Listings icon in the white panel at the top of this and every page. (It's the icon with 4 dots and lines.) The listings also appear on your Grower page.

If you are unsure what plant you have but know the general type (i.e. the genus, such Acer, Hebe or Hosta), a good tip is to enter the genus name only in the Plant Finder, select it from the drop down list you'll see, and click 'Search'. This will bring up images of all the plants in that genus to browse through.

But what if you still can't find the plant you have?

No problem. On the plant's genus page just click 'Add a plant' under 'Garden' at the top of the page and make the listing as:

  1. A 'Full plant name not known' listing, or
  2. A 'Name known but not found' listing (you add the second part of the name yourself)

The plants you list here will then be listed against the genus record for now and will be a priority for us in creating plant records. We’ll transfer your listing to the plant record once it has been made.

Note: It is always best to list against existing plant records if you can, as your listing is then linked to the other details we hold on the plant.

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