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Free plants

On GreenPlantSwap you can also make 'free' plant listings. We love free plants and so do other gardeners.

There are several reasons why this might be a good idea for you.

If a plant has multiplied, or you are left with too many at the end of the season, offering them free is a great way to attract people to your garden or nursery. And you can set the terms on your listing such as:

  • One free plant per visitor
  • Buy one get one free etc.

Or maybe you have a plant that is now too large for your garden.

You can offer it free to the first person who comes to dig it up. All you have to do is measure the size of the plant above ground and enter these details with a photo on the list plant form.

A 'free' plant listing is a fine, labour-saving way to make space in your garden and give a plant a new home.

To make a 'free' listing simply tick the 'Sell, Swap or Free' box on the List your plants form or find the plant record in the Plant Finder and click the 'Sell/swap this plant' button top right of the page. You will see there is a 'Free' box on the plant listing form.

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