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Create your Grower page

To get the most value from GreenPlantSwap, and engage with other gardeners, it's best to publish a Grower page. You can see what Grower pages are like in Local to Me.

Making a Grower page is free and very simple to do. No technical knowledge or ability is required. If you sign up or log in and go to Local to Me you'll find we've already created your draft page with some handy tips on how to fill it out.

You can also find the Create Grower page form under your account name, top right of every page, or click here.

All you'll need is a personal photo and, ideally, one or two pictures of your garden to upload.

You then simply add a description of your garden and your interests. That can be it for now - just click 'publish' at the foot of the page.

You can add to your Grower page at any time. And many things you do on the site - creating posts, listing plants in your garden, making a wish list, offering plants for swap or sale - will automatically add content to your Grower page.

Obviously the more you add and the more interesting you make the page, the more likely other members will be to contact you.

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