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Creating an event

A brilliant way to meet and get to know other gardeners near you is to hold an event.

Our event feature in Posts & Events is specifically designed for promoting local open gardens, school and gardening club events, plant sales and swaps, and other garden or plant-based meet-ups.

Creating an event on GreenPlantSwap takes minutes to do, but it’s best to have made some decisions beforehand on the:

  • type of event
  • date and time
  • venue
  • facilities offered (refreshments, disabled access, dogs allowed etc.)
  • entrance fees (if any)
  • donation of proceeds to charity (if any)

It then makes sense to have gathered together any details you have about the event and photos to upload, to make the post engaging.

When you create the post you’ll see there is space for a general description, in which you can give people a better idea of what they are coming to. As the form takes care of the key event details (address, location, time, price etc.), don't repeat these, but use this text to engage interest in the gardens, plants or place you live. Also, if you are raising money for a local cause or charity, it's a good place to say a bit more about that.

Most of the key event details are then entered through the buttons at the bottom of the Create an event form. If you haven’t already, it’s good also to create your own Grower page (including a personal photo) before you post an event, so the event post links to your page where people can see who you are and learn more about you and your interests.

Now fill out the Create an event form and publish it. Don't worry if you get something wrong, you can edit your post at any time, by clicking the little pen icon top right of your published post.

  • Promoting your event
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