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Fleshy crowns

Many herbaceous perennials, such as Astilbe, Hosta and Kniphofia, produce compact, fleshy crowns that are not easy to pull apart.

The best time to divide these is towards the end of their dormant period, when their buds begin to shoot and you can more easily select the most suitable sections.

Step by step

Fleshy crowns | Copyright GreenPlantSwap Ltd
  • Carefully lift the whole crown with a garden fork and remove as much lose soil as possible.
  • Carefully cut the crown into sections with a sharp knife – a kitchen knife may be necessary for large, hard crowns.
Fleshy crowns | Copyright GreenPlantSwap Ltd
  • Make sure each division has at least one, well-developed bud, two or three are preferable.
  • Replant immediately in well-prepared soil or pot of compost and water in well.
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