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Selecting & preparing plant material

When selecting suitable plant material for propagation, you should bear in mind a few points:

  1. In most circumstances, there is no point propagating from diseased plants, especially those affected with viruses, as you will also be propagating the disease. Similarly, do not propagate from weak plants, as they may not have the strength to produce good quality plants.
  2. In most circumstances, don’t propagate from flowering shoots. The plant puts a lot of energy into producing flowers, whereas you want it to put its energy into root production. It is far better, where necessary, to cut back hard one or two flowering shoots at the back of the plant, where they will not be missed in the display, and take cuttings from the vigorous new regrowth.
  3. When propagating varieties with variegated foliage or unusual characteristics (such as contorted stems) always choose shoots that exhibit strong variegation or typical characteristics of the plant.
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